Final Update: LOCH Eng Sub Project

Dear followers of the LOCH (2017) Eng Sub Project, I would like to apologize for the recent lack of updates regarding this project. Unfortunately, this update will be the last. It is with much disappointment for me to announce the discontinuing of this project. Due to my work schedule and a recent personal family matter, I won’t have time to sub anymore. Though I started this alone, I ended with some help along the way. So I would like to openly thank the members who helped out.

Thank you @mimosa @windsong @noelyuk

Once again, sorry everyone for not being able to finish this. We still have Google translated subs. They’re not great, but they’re understandable enough.

EPISODE 7-52 (END) (Google Translated)

Alternative Link

(Credit to @saypookguyjuy for the batch)

For RAW episodes ‘A Virtual Voyage

To all who have been following and supporting this project, thank you!


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