The Legend of the Condor Heroes (2017) EP5 Eng Sub

The Legend of the Condor Heroes (2017) Episode 5 – English Sub


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(This is only the subtitle file, you will need the raw episode to go with this)

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Translator & Timer: mimosa

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8 thoughts on “The Legend of the Condor Heroes (2017) EP5 Eng Sub

  1. Thank you very much for doing the translation and timing for episode 5.

    I genuinely do not mean to sound ungrateful or rude. I just have one small niggle with your subs.

    Why have you joined up people’s names e.g Tiemujin from Tie Mu Zhen. Huazheng when it should be Hua Zheng and Yang Xiexin instaed of Yang Xie Xin.

    It seems inconsistent to Wuxiarocks subs.

    I had to use Subtitle Workshop to do a search & replace on all the mentioned names.

    I am currently experimenting correcting the translation and timing for episode 20. Having spent 4 hours on it and only doing about 30 lines I can appreciate what a long and painful task it is.

    So please do not get upset with me. The last thing I want is for you to get mad and stop the brilliant job you’re doing.

    I am going to see if I can finish episode 20 by Sun 11 June.

    I had to re adjust the timing of the subs as I was using the CANTONESE video version.

    The Mandarin version sometimes splits a sentence in two.

    1. Hello SayPookGuyJuy, please allow me to clarify.

      The names can be written both ways. I haven’t set any standards as far as names, terms translations go. Subbers may translate as they see fit in that regards.

      I was the one who approved this. Because I feel each translator shouldn’t be restricted to standards/regulations when it comes to their subs. At least not here.

      While it may be inconsistent with each release, I support free contribution over consistency. We’re not a team coming together, we’re fans helping each other.

      Like you said, subbing is no easy task. So I rather not pressure any volunteers.

      In regards to standardizing, for now, I’m leaving that open.

      Thanks for your comment and support! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I just felt it would be easier to read a persons name when it is broken down.

    It is a bit like having the actor’s name Tommy Lee Jones written like this: Tommyleejones.

    If you type in Jackie Chan’s name into Google you will find on the wikipedia page his full name is spaced out as Chan Kong-sang NOT Chankongsang.

    OR Jacky Cheung as Cheung Hok-yau NOT Cheunghokyau.

    When I see buses in Hong Kong they have ้ปƒๅคงไป™ and then the english underneath Wong Tai Sin rather than Wongtaisin.

    It just seems neater and easier to read.

    Sorry I am bit of a perfectionist.

    In episode 20 I spent ages trying to figure out what the following meant
    ๆกƒ่Šฑ can’t find the 3rd chinese character to paste up here but it is pronounced chun or zhen.

    I found the character in the end and it translated to Peach Blossom Array. I think I prefer Peach Blossom Maze though.

    1. Hmm, I would say it’s my personal preference as I feel that it’s easier for me to tell which is the surname and which is the name (e.g. Yang Tiexin vs Yang Tie Xin). Moreover, there are Chinese surnames with 2 characters (e.g. Ouyang Ke vs Ou Yang Ke). I definitely won’t write it as Ouyangke. Yang Tie-xin and Ou-yang Ke works for me as well.

      Similar concept is applied to Japanese names like ๆตœๅดŽใ‚ใ‚†ใฟ Hamasaki Ayumi, ๅนณๅŽŸ็ถพ้ฆ™ Hirahara Ayaka.

      As for Tie Mu Zhen and other Mongolian names, I’m referencing the names of the historical figures from Wikipedia so “Tie Mu Zhen” is the Chinese pinyin version of “Temujin”. Just like “Yue Han” (็บฆ็ฟฐ) is the Chinese pinyin version of “John”.
      Huazheng and Dushi are kept as it is as they are fictional characters and I can’t find any references online.

      As for ๆกƒ่Šฑ้˜ต, I guess the usual word for ้˜ต is Formation, like the Big Dipper Formation (ๅŒ—ๆ–—ไธƒๆ˜Ÿ้˜ต) by Quanzhen Sect.

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